How does it work?
  1. Cover the 7 modules in the comfort of your home, in your own time and only continue to the next module once feeling comfortable with the current module. There is no time limit set to complete the course.
  2. You will have a message system which you can use to get support or ask questions.
  3. There is a quiz at the end of each module and, if you use it to test yourself honestly, we can guarantee that you will pass the SAMSA examination paper.
  4. On the completion of all the modules, you will receive a certificate stating that you have completed the online course successfully.
  5. You can then book for the exam with one of our affiliated examiners. . The examiner will  arrange for the documents to be submitted and a date and time to write the exam.  The  exam takes 1 – 2 hours hours.
  6. On successful completion of the examination the examiner will issue you with an interim license which is valid for 6 months. The examiner will submit all your documents to SAMSA who in turn will issue your permanent license during the 6 month period.

How long will it take?

We believe that the average person can complete all the modules in 6 to 8 hours. If you spend 1 to 2 hours a day on the material, it can be completed within a 3 day period. But, as we have mentioned before, you can complete the modules at your own pace. The record is 3 hours!

What do I need to do the online course?

  1. A computer, tablet or device which allows you access the internet.
  2. An internet connection.

Final Exam

You can contact one of our affiliated examiners and book for the final SAMSA exam. Click here for an examiner near you.  Book when you are ready and the examiner will schedule a date and time.


Two fees are payable.

    1. The fee for the online course is R630.00
    2. Fees differ from examiner to examiner and are between R1,400  and R1,800 – please check with them. Includes all SAMSA statuary fees,

To Enroll:

Enrolment is easy. Start your course within 5 minutes!

      1. Register as a student
      2. Login
      3. Enroll for the course.
      4. Click to pay on Payfast, one of the most popular and safe pay portals in South Africa. They accept credit cards, debit cards or you can do a secure EFT using the Payfast facility. Should you wish not to use a pay portal you can select the option to do an EFT from your own bank.
      5. Start your course!

Click here to register and enroll

Should you have any problems in registering , please contact us and we will assist.

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