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Answer the following 14 questions and you will get a good indication of your boating knowledge. The questions are typical of questions which will be asked during the SAMSA exam.

We will show you the answers at the end of the quiz – allow a few seconds to calculate after you have submitted.

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1. Which organisation regulates water going vessels in South Africa?


2. According to the laws, when must a life-jacket be worn?
(Multi answers. Will get a minus for incorrect answer – so do not select all!)


3. What is a Certificate of Fitness?


4. What are the 3 basic requisites for an engine to work?
(Multi answers. Will get a minus for an incorrect answer – so do not select all!)


5. Select the advantages of correct trimming.
(Multi answers. Will get a minus for an incorrect answer – do not select all!)


6. How many fire extinguishers must a twin engine vessel have?


7. What is the use of a “weak link” on an anchor?


8. When approaching another vessel from behind, on which side can it be passed?


9. What is the meaning of one blast from a vessel’s hooter?


10. In which direction will the compass needle point to when cruising South?


11. What is the build-in buoyancy requirements for inland waters?


12. How much extra fuel should you have on board when going on a cruise?


13. What is a weather forecast?


14. A falling barometer, indicating reduced pressure, shows that a low-pressure mass of air is approaching. Such low-pressure systems generally bring good weather. True or False?


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