Test your Knowledge

Answer the following 14 questions and you will get a good indication of your boating knowledge. The questions are typical of questions which will be asked during the SAMSA exam.

Note: Although this quiz is a ‘monkey’ puzzle the SAMSA exam will be in a written format.

We will show you the answers at the end of the quiz.

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1. Which organisation regulates water going vessels in South Africa?


2. According to the laws, when must a life-jacket be worn?
(Multi answers. Will get a minus for incorrect answer – so do not select all!)


3. What is a Certificate of Fitness?


4. What are the 3 basic requisites for an engine to work?
(Multi answers. Will get a minus for an incorrect answer – so do not select all!)


5. Select the advantages of correct trimming.
(Multi answers. Will get a minus for an incorrect answer – do not select all!)


6. How many fire extinguishers must a twin engine vessel have?


7. What is the use of a “weak link” on an anchor?


8. When approaching another vessel from behind, on which side can it be passed?


9. What is the meaning of one blast from a vessel’s hooter?


10. In which direction will the compass needle point to when cruising South?


11. What is the build-in buoyancy requirements for inland waters?


12. How much extra fuel should you have on board when going on a cruise?


13. What is a weather forecast?


14. A falling barometer, indicating reduced pressure, shows that a low-pressure mass of air is approaching. Such low-pressure systems generally bring good weather. True or False?


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