With the change in lifestyle which Covid 19 brought about, it is the safe and most convenient way to get one’s skipper qualification.

The online course covers the SAMSA syllabus for the ‘R’ (Inland waters) and ‘E’ (1 Nautical Mile Sea) entry level licenses.  A holder of a R-license can upgrade to an E-license the moment he/she has the necessary sea hours – without doing another course.

Who should do the online course?

  1. In this trying times, the first reason would be to be safe.
  2. Anyone, who does not have the time or facility nearby, wishing to write the SAMSA examination and apply for a skipper license.
  3. A person who wishes to study beforehand and then attend a  skipper course.
  4. Anyone who wishes to have more knowledge on the handling of a water going vessel but does not necessary wants to write the SAMSA exam.
  5. “Skipper assistant” It is a good idea to have a backup on board should something happen to the skipper. This can include anyone who cruises on a regular basis with an existing skipper. Someone younger than 16 can do the course but can only write the SAMSA exam after turning 16.

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by Siegfried on Skipper Courses

I really enjoyed this course. Explained very well in a logical format. The quizzes at the end of each section gives one an opportunity to measure the absorption of the material and you feel well prepared on the completion of the course. Thanks guys! In these time troubled times with Covid, the only criticism I can give is that it would have been perfect if one could write the final SAMSA exam online. Why not?

by Morne van Wyk on Skipper Courses

very insightful and informative.

by Marli on Skipper Courses

I loved the course and that I could do it on my own time

by Jon on Skipper Courses
Skipper License

Well done guys. Comprehensive and nice to have the ability to test your knowledge.

by Bradley Frew on Skipper Courses
Excellent Sippers

This is an excellent way to complete your skippers in the comfort of you own home.

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