Did this man have a skipper license? Baby drowned at Harties 10 May 2015

Sad to hear of the baby’s drowning on Sunday, 10 May 2015.

A few questions which have to be answered:

  1. Did the skipper of the boat have a valid skipper license?
  2. Why did the baby not have a life jacket on? It is law in South Africa that all kids under 12 (in this case), non-swimmers (in this case) and when travelling at high speed (in this case) must have a life jacket on!
  3. Did the resort checked that the boat was licensed and that the skipper had a license? If not their launching rights must be taken away.

It is time that the authorities increase their effort and clamp down on unlicensed skippers and vessels. Too many drunk and unruly boats can been seen on waters every weekend and, accept for being dangerous, it spoils it for those who are operating within the law and rules.

Next time when you are at a dam, check:

  1. Do the non-swimmers have lifejackets on?
  2. Is alcohol involved? Skippers are not allowed to have a drink and then skip a boat.
  3. Is the boat overloaded? One is not allowed to take more passengers on-board than specified by the boat’s license (Certificate of Fitness – COF), even if it is small children.
  4. Does the skipper have respect for other users in or on the water?

If you find any boats breaking these rules, write down the boat’s registration number (all must have one!) and report them on our Facebook page . We will follow-up and report them to SAMSA.


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