Online Skipper Course:- Discount for Families and Friends

As boating is a great activity with family and friends we feel that it is only fair to allow a group to be part of the fun and qualify for their licenses at a discount!

Get your family and friends to register with you and everyone will receive a 15% discount and only pay R535.50 per person for the online course! 

Register all members first as students underneath – before applying for the discount. 

If a member is already registered, he/she can skip this step. When all members are registered – click on the link below to apply for the discount.

  • Name

  • Please enter the name people normally call you by.
  • Contact Info

  • Minimum length of 6 characters.

The page will reload after each registration. Just give it a moment or two..:)

When all members are registered click here to continue. We cannot activate non-registered students.

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