Skipper Courses – Pretoria

A skipper is totally responsible for the management of a vessel. The course includes rules/laws, meteorology, basic engine checks, passage planning, preparing the boat for cruising, basic first aid and rules of the road/water. Our 2012-01-01 05.07.11instructors have thousands of hours on the water and is in the position to give tips and assist candidates in technical questions.

The classes are informative and relaxed. The principle objective is to ensure that students understand the material, be able to operate a vessel in a safe and responsible manner  and write the SAMSA examination successfully.

We currently conduct courses in the Pretoria and adjacent areas. Courses in other areas can be accommodated for groups 10 or more. Please contact to arrange.

  • Skipper Courses
  • Certificate of Fitness (COF)
  • Install Buoyancy
  • Issuing Buoyancy Certificate
Contact Details

Email –
Herkie: 061 405 8030 (WhatsApp)
087 222 6766

Courses Available
  1. Category R –  Inland Waters2013-11-02 13.23.12
  2.  Category E – 1 Nautical Mile to sea
Documentation Needed

Category R

  1. Copy of ID
  2. 4 x Id Photos (Color or B/W)
  3. Doctor’s Letter
  4. Log of 25 Hours signed by the applicant.

Category E

  1. Copy of ID
  2. 4 x Id Photos (Color or B/W)
  3. Doctor’s Letter
  4. Log of 50 sea hours signed by a licensed sea skipper.
  5. Certified copy of sea skipper’s license.
  6. Certified copy of sea skipper’s ID
  7. Sworn statement by the sea skipper that the hours are true and correct.

Click here to download the forms and information for the one day class.

Fees are inclusive and there are no other charges.
  • One Day Course – R2,200.00
  • Examination only (for those who have completed the online theory) – R1,750.00
Course Dates
  • Saturday, 28 March 2020
  • Saturday, 18 April 2020

Click here to enroll for the one day course

Call Herkie 061 405 8030 (WhatsApp) or 087 222 6766 for more information and/or assistance

Examination Only

Students who have completed the online course  can write the exam on a date and time that suits them.  Click here to download the info and forms needed for the examination.

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