Skipper Courses in Other Areas

We have only listed SAMSA approved examiners who are active. Please let us know if you are in a area where no courses/examiners are listed and we will try to assist.

Eastern Cape
Johan GouwsPort Elizabeth and surrounding areas.
Click Here
082 724 7546gouwsj@gmail.comCat R & E
Affiliate - Online Course
Tracy Meintjes
Derik Meintjes
Click Here
0824029211 (Tracy)
0829243267 (Derik),
R, E, C & B day skipper and coastal
Buoyancy certificates
Surf Launches
Dive Skipper Endorsements.
We prepare skippers for over 9m upgrades.
Affiliate - Online Course
Blue Horizon AcademyEast London0829386275 (John)
083-303-7652 (Glenda)
Cat R,E,B & C
Shaun Chamberlain Jeffreys Bay 082 324 Cat R,E,B & C
Coastal Skipper (Commercial Night Endorsements excluded)
Preparing candidates for their exam with SAMSA for all U25T over 9m and Grade4 skippers.


Skippie ScheepersFree State
Click Here
082 782 0640
082 464 0636 Categories R, E & CYes


Willie Oosterhuis
Pieter Bronkhorst
Click here
081 467 R & EYes
Lyn AdamsBenoni
Click Here
083 588 B, C, E & R
Camping & Boating CentreEast RandZelda 082 572 2589 Beatrix 083 290 Cat B, C, E & R Yes
KwaZulu Natal
Boat Boyz
(Mike Higgs)
Click Here Category B, C, E
Inland Category R
VHF DSC Training
Kobus KotzeNorthern Natal012-3612617 / Category B, C, E
Inland Category R
Surf Launch
Night Rating
Dive Skipper
Herman FouriePark Rynie 083 273 Coastal Category B, C, E
Inland Category R.
Mako DivingSodwana Bay082 456 Category B, C, E
Inland Category R
Surf Launch
Dive Skipper


Northern Cape
Skippie ScheepersKimberley and Surrounds
Click Here
082 782 0640
082 464 0636 Categories R, E & CYs


North West Province
FincraftHartbeespoort DamLucas Roos
083 376 1579
Cat R - Inland Waters
Theory and Practical


Western Province
Leon DeaconSomerset West/Overberg
Click Here
082 464 8863leontdeacon@gmail.comCat R and EYes
Mandrie Maritime Services Gordon's Bay
Click Here
Pieter- 083 731 1146skipperticket@gmail.comCat R,E,C and BYes
Heyneman Yamaha Swellendam/ Overberg/ Southern Cape
Click Here
028 514 2010 / 082 556 8184marius@falconinflatables.comCat R,E,C and B
Surf launching on the South and East Coast
L & L SkippersMelkbosstrand072 176 8336natasha-life@hotmail.comE & C


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  1. Hi.
    We have a small group of 5 who live in Maputo and to register and complete the category C license.
    Could we interest an instructor to come and spend the few days with us here in Maputo…accomodation, prawns and beers covered by us 🙂 ?

    • Hi Garth,

      Sound good!!
      We normally send our instructors and examiners when we have 10+ students. We had more inquiries from your area and will keep you updated.

  2. Good day all, I need to apply for a duplicate of my license as it was stolen with my vehicle, any advise on best/fastest way to do the application?

  3. Good day, if i do the online E course from Namibia , where do i go for the issue of the license?

  4. Good day,
    I am based in East London and am needing to do my catagory C radio/ vhf radio license. Please can someone assist with the next available class dates and a cost?
    Thank you

  5. Good Morning all.

    Just want to know are there any classes in Mpumalanga? and if where can I go?


    • Hi Pieter,

      We had a classes in Nelspruit and in White River over the last 5 weeks. When there is a request for a class of 10+ people we normally set a date and arrange to do the class in the area of the students.
      We are planning a course in June at Vygeboom dam near Badplaas. Will let you know as soon as we have finalized the date.

  6. Good day want to know do you have someone in mossel bay western cape were i could write my exams and is it included in the online application money

    • Hi Marthinus
      The nearest examiner will be Knysna. The online fee does not include the exam fee. This must be paid directly to the examiner and will include the SAMSA fees.

  7. Hi, I am in Botswana, Gaborone. I would like to take the course, what’s the nearest place to where I am? I don’t mind crossing the border.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Gonty,

      We currently do not have suitable SAMSA examiners in the North – Limpopo and Mpumalanga – and your nearest will be Pretoria.

  8. Hi , I stay in Durbanville. I would like to do the online course. What is the closest institute where I can write the exam?

  9. hi there

    where would be the nearest place to have a course done at the age of 16 in 2018, preferably near to cape town?

    • Hi Abi,

      Our nearest affiliated SAMSA examiner for our online course is in Somerset West – you can click here for his details.
      If you prefer to do a course in a class environment you can contact our approved academy in Gordon’s Bay – click here for their contact details.

      We received positive feedback from both and can recommend them.

  10. When is the next available date in melkbos?

    • Hi
      We do not have courses in Melkbos. The nearest to you will be Mandrie Maritime Services in Gordon’s Bay. Their next course is on 7 October 2017. Click here for a list of future courses and contact details.

  11. Good day,

    Once a person has completed the course and received our temporary licence. how long does it take before you get your permanent licence ?


    • Hi Neels,

      SAMSA has a maximum of 6 months to produce the permanent license. They are currently between 3 and 4 months. They normally let us know if there is a problem – over loading, staff shortage, etc.

  12. I have purchased a boat and require a “R” license. I am planning to do the online course and then arrange for the examination locally. I am based in JHB.
    You mention the 25 hours prior to 2008. I have lots more than that, pre and post 2008 as a former diver in in the SANDF, but nothing logged. How do I go about these hours being accepted.
    P.S. You guys have an awesome site. Well done

    • Hi Manny,

      You have to go back in the past and, to the best of your ability, log those hours. The examiner will supply you with a log form. We have an excellent examiner in Somerset West, Leon Deacon, and I suggest that you contact him for assistance. Click here for his contact details.
      Thanks for the comment on the website -let us know if there is anything else you would like to see on it.

  13. I have a category E license and want to know how i go about obtaining a category C license?

    • Hi Cornel,

      You need experience of at least 50 hours on a cat D vessel or better and write an exam on 4 more modules. You can contact one of our examiners near you and they will gladly assist. Click here for a list of our affiliated examiners.

  14. Once I have my category E licence, how do I obtain the surf launch accreditation/endorsement? Can a Cat C skipper with surf launch endorsement let me do the 12 launches over 4 days and sign it off, or must it be a specific trainer/official?

    • Hi Johan

      The regulation reads as follows:
      “Once having completed a minimum of 12 (twelve) surf launches conducted on at least 4 (four) different days under differing weather and swell conditions. All launches are to be through the surf and returning through the surf, witnessed and certified by a competent skipper in the form of an affidavit;
      The examiner shall witness a demonstration of the candidate’s competence in real surf conditions.”

      Competent skipper means any sea skipper with a surf endorsement.
      To test the candidate under different conditions the examiner will normally ask the candidate to do a minimum of 3 launches a day over two days.

  15. is there anyone that can assist with training in the limpopo area, and what is the price for a licence to just take the family out on a boat trip, dams only, no rivers or ocean.

    • Hi Ryno

      Currently we do not know of any SAMSA examiners in the Limpopo area. The nearest will be Pretoria.

      The fee in Pta for the one day course is R2,200.00. Should you do the online course (R630.00) the examiners fee is R1,550.00 which includes the SAMSA regulatory fees.

  16. if you are the holder of a temporary category R license can you cruise alone? or is it required that a licensed skipper be aboard?

    • Hi Brandon

      The temporary license is the same as the permanent license – you can go on the water without a skipper – you are the skipper. It’s sole purpose is to give you a license while SAMSA processes the application.

  17. Great site. Thank you.
    Please confirm the following for me regarding a Category E license and boat:
    – you can go out 1 nautical mile from shore (+- 1.8 k’s) and no further than 15 miles (+- 27 k’s) from a approved launch site
    – You only need one motor
    I have had a number of different view regarding this and would like this clarified.

  18. Hi
    I am doing the online course now as we speak. I used to own a boat before 2008 and skippered well over 200 hours especially skiing on the Kowie river. will writing the smsa code r course be enough for the licence now.

  19. Hi There,

    With regards to using a 5hp motor on an 2 man rubber duck in the harbour, what are the requirements for this?
    would i still need a cat R licence?

    also, will the what are the requirements for the vessel if no Cat R licence is needed?

    • A vessel less than 9 meters and engine less than 15hp does not need a skipper license. Check with harbour authorities before launching your boat in their harbour. They might have a rule that no boat may be launched in the harbour without a licensed skipper because of the traffic in the specific harbour.

  20. Hi there, i am going for my 1 mile skippers licence next week is there any logbook type that i can get from the intranet to log my sea time or what form do use please help.

  21. Hi

    I am enquiring and requested the fees involved for getting my Code R license. R1850 does that seem reasonable?

  22. Hi,

    I have a Cat B Skipper’s Ticket (40nm day/night) for vessels 9m under 25t (commercial). I am in the Mossel Bay area. How can I go about doing this?

    Thank you


    • Hi Rob,

      I’m not sure what your question is? With your commercial license you can skip pleasure vessels up to Cat B.

  23. Hi,

    Want to get my licence for Cat R to use on dam, will I be able to use that licence to ride in lagoons that connected to the ocean? As well as, how do I log my hours?

    Thank you

    • Hi Liam
      Yes, the R-license covers dams, rivers, lagoons, harbours and lakes.
      The best way is to go out with a licensed skipper and get the hours. We are in the process to setup a facility in Pretoria where you can go out with experienced skippers and get the hours. Contact us for more details.

  24. Hi Skipper

    As a fresh water fisherman I have well in excess of 25 hours experience (probably well over 200 hours) . Together with my father and brother who are both licenced skippers.

    In order gain a R licence … what is the procedure … would I need to do the coarse and write the exam?


    • Hi Garth

      You have more than enough hours. All you need is to prepare (day class or online) and write the national SAMSA exam.

      • Hello …how does one prepare a log book to clock up the correct hours on water ….I have spent many hours on the water with a skipper ,now I want to log the hours and do a skippers test

  25. Hi There

    In one of the posts above you commented the following:

    “It is like driving a motor vehicle; you cannot have a license before you know how to handle the vessel in a safe and responsible manner. There are 3 ways in which you could get experience:
    1. You have skipped a vessel before the laws changed in 2008.
    2. You have spent time with a licensed skipper on the water and were allowed to skip the vessel under his/her guidance.
    3. You attended a practical session at an approved academy and the instructor signed you off as competent.

    If you have no experience at all, it is to your advantage to do the online course, then do a practical session which will reaffirm the theory and then write the SAMSA exam.”

    Does point 2 mean that if i have someone who wants to go for their skippers, i can allow them to skipper my boat under my supervision….sort of like a learner driver….prior to them going for the course and test?

    • That is correct. The law states that a pleasure vessel can be skipped by an unlicensed person, on the condition that it is under the supervision of a licensed skipper. That is actually the only way (there is no learner’s license) in which a person can get the necessary skills and experience.


    • Hi Jacques

      Currently we have no affiliated examiners in Limpopo or Mpumalanga. The nearest will be Pretoria.

  27. What catagory license is required to allow you to skipper a dive charter ski boat. I already have a day skipper qualification for yachting, does this make getting the power boat skipper any easier or cheaper

    • The Dive Skipper endorsement is an additional qualification which can be added to any national certificate and is interpreted to be the only valid small vessel qualification suitable to skip or operate a commercial diving or dive charter vessel (which includes shark cage diving).

      The requirements for dive skipper endorsement are as follows:

      Proof to be submitted through an examiner to Pretoria in order to add the qualification to a national certificate.
      Candidates or skippers who hold a dive leadership qualification may have the endorsement added to their skipper certification by the Registrar of Seafarers without undergoing any examination.
      (i.e. „Dive Master‟ or „Dive Instructor‟ issued by either PADI or NAUI , or SAUU „2 star diver‟ or Instructor) or a commercial diver issued by Department of Labour
      Qualifying practical experience
      A basic dive qualification
      (i.e. ‗Open Water I or II‘ issued either by PADI or NAUI or, a SAUU ‗1 star diver‘)
      10 hours logged on any small vessel engaged in dive operations
      (Sea-time to be certified by a dive skipper)

      Written Examination
      A written examination as detailed in the Small Vessel Code of Qualifications with pass mark of 70%.
      Practical Examination

      A dive skipper practical examination may or may not be required at the sole discretion of the examiner.

  28. How long is a skippers license for Group R valid?

    • Unlike a driver’s license, all skipper licenses are currently permanent and you do not have to renew every few years. As long as you are physically and mentally capable, the license stays valid.

  29. How does one go about “upgrading” a R license to an E license?

    • Hi
      To upgrade from ‘R’ (Inland Water) to ‘E’ (1nm Sea) you need min 50 sea hours, signed off by a sea skipper. Take the log to your nearest SAMSA office and request an upgrade. Click here for SAMSA offices.

  30. Wow because this is excellent work! Congrats and keep it up.|

  31. Is the exam for all categories the same

    • As a holder of a category R license can upgrade to an E license, the course material and exam for categories R and E is the same.

      • When I wrote my exam for Category E we all received the same Questionnaire. The others wrote xams for Cat B and C!

        • That does not sound right!

          For Cat C and B you need to write 4 additional modules which do not form part of the E license.

          Please let us know where you have written your exam.

  32. Hi there, if I want to complete my skippers license online, where would I go to write the exam? Or how does it work?

    • You need to contact the nearest examiner to you and arrange to write the exam. If there is no examiner (on our list) near you and you know of a SAMSA examiner in your area, please send us his/her details and we will contact him/her and arrange for you to write the exam. Click here for our affiliated examiners.

  33. In basic education which grade I need to be have or passed to do Skipper course

  34. Good day,

    If one studies and completes the exam online for a category R license, how and where does one go about clocking up the necessary 25 hours?


    • It is like driving a motor vehicle; you cannot have a license before you know how to handle the vessel in a safe and responsible manner. There are 3 ways in which you could get experience:
      1. You have skipped a vessel before the laws changed in 2008.
      2. You have spent time with a licensed skipper on the water and were allowed to skip the vessel under his/her guidance.
      3. You attended a practical session at an approved academy and the instructor signed you off as competent.

      If you have no experience at all, it is to your advantage to do the online course, then do a practical session which will reaffirm the theory and then write the SAMSA exam.

      • Skip, can I log sea hours in the Northern Hemisphere with a skipper (SAMSA licensed) and use it towards the required 25 hours for class R?

    • where can i get the course note from

  35. Good day. Are you aware of license needs for island hopping off Mozambique coast?

    • Hi Francois

      Yes, you need a skipper license to cruise in Mozambican waters. Mozambique recognize the SAMSA licenses. We have heard that the Mozambican authority will issue you with a temporary Mozambican license at the border crossing, on the condition that you the holder of a valid SAMSA license.

  36. Please can you let me know where I can go to get a commercial skippers licence for a vessel larger than 9m. (12 – 15m)


  37. Would like to purchase a jet ski . What license do i require and how do i get it

    • Hi

      Any person operating a vessel with an engine of 15hp or more must be in possession of a valid skipper’s license. This includes Jet Skis.

      The course is the same – jet skiers must know the rules of the water, regulations and laws – exactly the same as boats.
      The difference is the hours logged. If a person has only jet ski hours he/she will have a restriction on the license, stating that they can operate jet skis only. We normally suggest to our students, where possible, to get hours and experience on a boat and apply for the no restriction license. Alternative, you can upgrade the license as soon as you have 25 hours on a boat, signed off by a licensed skipper. No need to do the course again.

      To get a license you need to follow the same route – either a full-time class near you or do the online course and write the exam at a time and date that suits you.

      Let us know if we can assist in any way.

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