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by Richard Day on Skipper Courses
Skippers Course

Great course. Lots of detail, and excellent links if you need more.

by Darryl Andrews on Skipper Courses
Useful Information

I learnt so many things about safety that I thought was not important but now I know that if I go out to sea I will be confident and aware of them all. This course should be taken by everybody, not just those who want to become a skipper. It is well designed and extremely informative to the general public.

by Daniel Bredenkamp on Skipper Courses
Skippers course

Really enjoyed the course! Trust I will pass the SAMSA exam!

by Andries on Skipper Courses
R Course

I have really enjoyed this well presented course, material needed is presented taking into account the level of the course. Well done!

by Niel van der Westhuizen on Skipper Courses
Great Layout and very informative

I really enjoyed the course. Most of the information is really just common sense, although common sense is not as common as everyone thinks. I found the information direct and to the point, easy to understand and quite informative.

Well done on a good course.

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