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Review by Adam Tas January 2021. Please click here

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by Ernest on Skipper Courses
Skipper cource


by Paul Coetsee on Skipper Courses

Great Course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Darryl Jones on Skipper Courses

Although the course materials are good, I was extremely disappointed to find out (only after paying for course and enrolling) that one could not write the online exam. This was the main reason that I did this as I live as an Expat and have very little time back home to go on day courses. This information should be made available to prospective clients BEFORE accepting their money and still selling the idea that the exam can be written online!!!

Hi Darryl We understand your frustration for not being able to write the final SAMSA exam online. The online exam was tested 11 months ago during lockdown 5 with a few students which SAMSA sat in on. It was very successful and SAMSA requested that we do a formal application for the online exam to continue. We are waiting since for SAMSA’s license committee to convene to process the application! After numerous requests and follow-ups, no joy! We find it equally frustrating as we know of hundreds of students who, like in your case, do not have the time to travel and sit for the exam and, in other cases, are hesitant to visit public places due to the worldwide virus epidemic. Internationally learning institutions have adopted to the new realities and times we live in. Unfortunately SAMSA is way behind with current technology and trends. Online students do not have to spend a day in a class and can arrange a date and time which suits them to write the final exam. This was specifically designed for students, like in your case, who do not have the time to attend a one day class. Please contact us and we will see how we can assist to make the experience a less cumbersome one! After all, boating is a pleasure experience and getting your license should be the same!

by Alexandra Elphick on Skipper Courses
Amazing Course

I really enjoyed the structure of this course and am confident in my ability to pass the Skippers Exam. The material was easy to understand and tested well in order to prepare me effectively.

by Luis Dr Almeida on Skipper Courses

I enjoyed going through the course. Found it to be very user friendly, informative, well structured, easy to follow and understand. Very good preparation indeed. Excellent

by Bruce on Skipper Courses

This has been very informative great course preparing you for your skippers

by robert on Skipper Courses

great and easy to understand course! well done to the whole team

by Lizanne Crouch on Skipper Courses

Very well set out online course.
Lots of helpful information to assist with getting my skippers ticket.

Skipper course

Awesome, very informative.

by Andrie du toit on Skipper Courses

Well explained, easy to understand

by Kobus Janse van Rensburg on Skipper Courses
Skipper Course

Thank you for a great course,I am sure this will help to prepare me for the exam.

by Brandon on Skipper Courses

Simple, effective and enlightening

by Cliff Berner on Skipper Courses
Very Happy With It

Very happy with the course layout and material, will be much happier once I have passed the exam!

by Joempas on Skipper Courses

Enjoyed the fact that I can do this on my own time

by Robert Carl Zietsman on Skipper Courses


by Denton on Skipper Courses
Skipper Courses

Really good, It is a very encouraging way of learning. Thank you

by Darrell on Skipper Courses

excellent course

by Anthony Fourie on Skipper Courses
Skipper Courses

Excellent Materiel, well put together.

by Tyrone on Skipper Courses

Very informative and easy to understand

by luke on Skipper Courses

Enjoyed the course.I enjoyed learning new stuff.

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