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by Gerhard Scheepers on Skipper Courses

Absolutely fabulous, excellent !!!!

by Niekie on Skipper Courses
Online Course

Great course!! Informative, well presented and helpful. I am a new boater but there was only one module I had to re-do. No doubt I will write the exam with ease. Still have time so I will definitely go through the modules again a few times.

by Sherwyn Eddie on Skipper Courses
Online Skippers

awesome content, easy to grasp especially with the quiz at the end of each module. it would be nice if you had a combined quiz of all the modules at the end..

Good idea! Will work on that one.

by Francois Wright on Skipper Courses
online course

The online course was easy accesable,love the videos,will recoment to every one.

by Antonio De Azevedo on Skipper Courses

it is very informative and anyone should be able to grasp the content easily.

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