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by kent rutherford on Skipper Courses

gives a lot of information in order to understand what issuing on and to do well in the quiz at the end of each module

by Marius on Skipper Courses
Really Good

I have learned so much from this course. Well put together and structured with relevant material.

by Colleen Vilela on Skipper Courses
Skipper course

Easy to use; informative and made the topics easier to understand

by Reino on Skipper Courses

This course is really good for Exam preperation. I really enjoyed it. My only comment - being a bit of a grammar nazi, you and all other resources define a sign as something visible, and symptom as something only the affected individual can feel. On the questionnaire, personally I feel Broken bones will not always be visible. Most of the times depending on the severity... not visible. Otherwise, really good course, can't wait to book my exam. Thanks for the great material.

Thanks Reino for the comments. Don't you think that when the patient tells you that he/she has a pain in the leg that it might be a symptom of a broken leg? What I mean is that it will then not fall under "visible"?

by Derick Pretorius on Skipper Courses
Excellent material and course

The online course is well designed and set out. The material and videos are great help to learn and understand what is required of a skipper.

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