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by Siegfried on Skipper Courses

I really enjoyed this course. Explained very well in a logical format. The quizzes at the end of each section gives one an opportunity to measure the absorption of the material and you feel well prepared on the completion of the course.

Thanks guys!

In these time troubled times with Covid, the only criticism I can give is that it would have been perfect if one could write the final SAMSA exam online. Why not?

by Morne van Wyk on Skipper Courses

very insightful and informative.

by Marli on Skipper Courses

I loved the course and that I could do it on my own time

by Jon on Skipper Courses
Skipper License

Well done guys. Comprehensive and nice to have the ability to test your knowledge.

by Bradley Frew on Skipper Courses
Excellent Sippers

This is an excellent way to complete your skippers in the comfort of you own home.

by Jay Horwood on Skipper Courses
Skipper Course

Very impressed, and a great help! Thank you.

by Colin on Skipper Courses
Helped a lot

Generally very good and enjoyable. Some of the questions/answers not entirely clear.

by Paul Pollock on Skipper Courses
Online skipper course

I like the modular concept and the afct that you can go over material at your own pace before moving on.

by AUBREY LEWETE on Skipper Courses

Please go easy on chapter 5


by Ross on Skipper Courses

Excellent course material, and the online structure and processing from 'module to test' works really well!

by Alan Houghton on Skipper Courses
Alan Houghton

Must say I would have liked to print so that I could revise if needed. Pity there are those kind of people who take advantage for self gain. Great course and well constructed

by Kempie Rautenbach on Skipper Courses
Easy Cruise ship

Good Course, thank you.

by musa on Skipper Courses

the online course is very helpfull keep up the good work.

by Adrian on Skipper Courses

Wow - what a breath of fresh air. So great t have this on-line as these courses are not easy to find. Thank you. Brilliant!

by kobus on Skipper Courses
skipper course review

Good course. Some concepts can be better explained, ex capsize bottle, buoys , give more sketches to explain buoys when upstream river or into sea port vs starboard orientation. maybe add a section on "survival at knight on sea..... . Regards

Hi Kobus,Think it is a bit harsh. The course covers the SAMSA syllabus for category R and E. We have more than 2,000 students who have passed the SAMSA exam in completing the course.The issues which you mention are applicable for category C and B. It is unfair to put students through material which they have no need to know. There is enough pressure to get the category R license. :)....

by Nick Truran on Skipper Courses
Skipper Course

Very thorough and informative!

by Martin Du Plessis on Skipper Courses
Skipper Course


by Grant Hillary on Skipper Courses
Skipper course

Informative course

by Trent on Skipper Courses
Quality Course

Great Course

by Nick Hoffman on Skipper Courses
Excellent course

Course content easy to read and very interesting

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