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by Greg on Skipper Courses

Great course

by Donavan on Skipper Courses

Great course. content put together well.

by Jacques on Skipper Courses
Online course

Great course, very well explained on all subjects. Good way to broaden you knowledge. Not that difficult to understand at all with all the information given.
Now to study all for the final exam 🙂

Thank you

by Dhiroshan Moodley on Skipper Courses
Skippers Course

A very informative course that is self explanatory and prepares one sufficiently for the exam.

by Pieter flemming on Skipper Courses
Best test ever

One of the best ways to do a skippers everything is there that you need to know and have to write a test and they are really there to help u in anyway.

by Jordan on Skipper Courses
Skippers course

A great streamlined way to learn what is needed at your own pace. Nice clear learning path that made remembering the important information easier

by Mark Dresel on Skipper Courses

I found the course to be very informative and well explained. Especially at the beginning of the course there were a lot of components/ parts of a boat I did not know the name of. A diagram naming all relevant parts of a boat would have been very helpful.

Hi Mark
Good idea! It is not part of the SAMSA syllabus but we can make it optional for students who wish to know more

by David on Skipper Courses
Skippers course

Course was informative and well laid out ,even though one has been boating for years this course will teach you something new

by Heinrich on Skipper Courses
Very Helpful

The course was made easy enough to study and understand and yet not lacking in proper information needed.

by Hennie on Skipper Courses
Skippers course

An excellent and well structured course that has given me a sound grounding of what is required I did this while I was busy with my normal dialy work. Well done by the examanors putting the course together.

by Erin Bosch on Skipper Courses
Easily understood

The course is an excellent introduction for someone like myself with little or no experience.

by David on Skipper Courses
Straight forward and easy to understand course

This course is a convenient way of qualifying for a skippers'. Just enough information without going into fine detail.

Thank you David.
We realise that for students with hundreds of hours of experience it might feel that there is not enough detail.
The lessons cover the SAMSA syllabus for category R and E in detail with a bit more. For students who starting their cruising experience it is a lot of data to work through and remember. It is therefore important not to drown students with advance details and facts.
When upgrading to category C you will cover 5 more advanced modules and it is there where you will get into the ‘fine details’

by Johann on Skipper Courses

Useful and very convenient. Would recommend to other provisional skippers.

by cornelia on Skipper Courses
skipper course

Learnt the finer detail and very insightful, enjoyed the course

by Sam on Skipper Courses

Very well run course and the administration is incredibly professional. Will reply to emails quickly and solve any problem you have. Couldn't recommend more

by Shaun on Skipper Courses
Online Skipper Course

Great course. Good flow of information. Easier to work around than attending lectures

by Chris on Skipper Courses
Online Skipper course

Excellent course. User friendly, easy to work on and quite informative.

by Kieran on Skipper Courses
Great Course

Excellent Course!
Managed to do this around my work schedule and got through the content quite comfortably. Some of the test questions could have been laid out in a more clear fashion, but overall I feel well prepped for my exam

by Brendon on Skipper Courses
Online course

Good content, well structured, excellent for those who don't have the time for lectures, 5 starts from me.

by Peter on Skipper Courses
Good course.

Overall good content and clearly laid out.
One or two of the quiz questions have slight ambiguity in the answers, but that is probably just my OCD nature coming out.
A great option for people who live in out of the way places and cant get to lectures or a written exam venue.

🙂 Thanks Peter
The ambiguity in the answers are on purpose. As you have seen, it is a monkey puzzle and we hope it makes the student to think about the answers.

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