Skipper Courses – Swellendam, Overberg & Southern Cape

Situated in Swellendam we cover the Overberg and Southern Cape regions.

  • Skipper Courses
  • Certificate of Fitness (COF)

Marius Heyneman – SAMSA Examiner Number 00310

Contact Details

Website: www.falconinflatables.com
Email – marius@falconinflatables.com
Office: 028 514 2010
Mobile: 082 556 8184

Courses available
  1. Category R – Inland Waters
  2.  Category E – 1 Nautical Mile to sea
  3.  Category C – 15 Nautical Mile to sea
  4. Category B – 40 Nautical Mile to sea
  5. Surf launching on the South and East Coast

Please contact us for fees.

Course Dates

We do courses on demand. Please contact us to arrange.

Examination Only

Please contact us to arrange a suitable date and time.

Documentation Needed
Category ‘R’
  1. 6 x Id Photos (Color)
  2. Copy of ID (Must be 16 years or older)
  3. Doctor’s Letter. Click here to download.
  4. Log sheet  with 50 hours experience signed off by a suitably qualified skipper


4.  Attendance at a SAMSA approved training institution PLUS at least 25 hours of logged service on vessels of the appropriate length. Click here to download the log sheet

Category ‘E’
  1. Copy of ID  (Must be 16 years or older)
  2. 6 x Id Photos (Color)
  3. Log with 50 sea hours signed off by a sea skipper. Click here to download
  4. Certified copy of sea skipper’s license.
  5. Doctor’s Letter.  Click here to download.
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